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Welcome to Thetford! Our town lies at the heart of the Brecks, a unique landscape that straddles the border between Norfolk and Suffolk. Many people call Thetford “the gateway to Norfolk” because our market town is perfectly placed to be the ideal location for a holiday that can include the coast, the forest, historic Norwich and Bury St Edmunds, the Norfolk Broads and of course the notable streets of Thetford itself.

Surrounded by England’s largest lowland forest (around 25,000 football pitches’ worth of woodland), Thetford is home to two rivers (the Little Ouse and the Thet), multiple Sites of Special Scientific Interest, three museums (Ancient House, Charles Burrell and Dad’s Army) and three statues (Thomas Paine, Duleep Singh, and Captain Mainwaring). It’s also the home of the British Trust for Ornithology.

The Brecks are England’s driest region. The local heathland is home to species that you simply don’t find anywhere else – birds such as the woodlark and stone curlew, and threatened plants such as spiked speedwell and Spanish catchfly. You’ll also find the only Neolithic flint mine open to visitors in the country at Grimes Graves, marking the Brecks’ status as the flint capital of Britain.

Visiting our town, you join an illustrious list of visitors over the past 2,000 years: Kings and Queens, Romans, Normans, Vikings, Danes, the Iceni’s greatest female warrior Boudicca, revolutionary engineers, Britain’s first black mayor, a Maharajah and the cast of Dad’s Army. What are you waiting for? Let’s Leap into Thetford.

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