Thetford Town Crier

Thetford Town Crier

One of the fine traditions of the past is continued today by the Thetford Town Crier, Mike Wabe. Each Saturday from the first Saturday in May until the first Saturday in September, in King Street at 11:00am, a proclamation will be given so why not come down and experience a piece of England’s history and have a chat with the Town Crier.

Look out for the Town Crier Competition as part of Thetford’s Great Festival, with Town Criers from near and far – Procession from Kings House to start the day with arrival at King Street Square to begin the competition.

Even with the coming of modern communications such as radio, television and the internet, the Town Crier has not become extinct. Today the Town Crier is in great demand for civic ceremonies, charity functions, tourism events and commercial ventures, where his colourful livery, imposing presence and historical significance are greatly valued.

Town Criers do the job principally because they enjoy keeping an ancient tradition alive, and consider it an honour and a privilege to serve their town and community and Mike is no different. So if you need an unusual and loud way to promote your event why not contact him and see how he can help you.



Thetford Town Crier Posting a Notice at The Bell Inn, Thetford


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