Thetford 93

Thetford 93 is an event on 27th August 2016 walking 93 miles for charity along the Angles way walk from Gt Yarmouth to Thetford to raise money for the Thetford boxing club & West Suffolk hospital. Find all the details on their Facebook page and show your support by donating here
The Background Story of Thetford 93, in the words of Mark Dean –

After doing the 3 peaks challenge and raising over £5,500 for West Suffolk Hospital (which turned out to be one of the highest amounts raised by an independent group that didn’t have backing from a major company) myself and Jody Twomey got an invite to the West Suffolk Hospital Charity Thank you Evening.

This was such a touching event as real victims of such bad luck spoke about their misfortunes. One story sticks in my mind and that is a story of a young couple who had lost their baby. Having been overcome with grief they had no place to mourn in private. After some hard work from West Suffolk Hospital charity a bereavement room is now a work in progress, and is due to be opened mid to late April.

Driving home from the event with Jody we felt we had to do something. Something that would give Thetford the credit it deserved, after all it was the public of Thetford that raised the majority of the monies. Jody then mentioned a walk that he had noticed on a website, the walk was called “Angles Way” and it starts in Great Yarmouth and ends in Thetford a combined mileage of 93 miles.

We felt this would be perfect as it ended in Thetford like most things we do. It would be a bunch of Thetford lads walking back to Thetford to promote Thetford , it was now becoming more about the place than it was about us, this is what we had wanted from the start.

To add to this we decided to raise money for the new Thetford Town Boxing Club, the first Boxing Club in Thetford for 24 years, We feel the club will eventually become a real social hub for youth to learn discipline, health and wellness, a good work ethic and generally help in becoming a better person.

We planned to cast are nets far and wide and not just fish in the same network of friends. In hindsight we felt we made the 3 peaks a lads weekend away, the type of thing that a group of lads would do for a stag weekend. We closed doors firmly and told people to look through the window to follow us. This time around it is different, the door is wide open, come on in and join the house party.
No one will be discriminated against for their age or level of fitness. The Angles way is separated into 7 legs varying in mileage, each leg has a transportation link and is accessible. There is something for everyone.

Personally I feel there’s something about being in a group, something that makes you feel special. Recently I read a report stating that for a period of time after the Paris bombings it was against the law in France to be in groups of more than 10 people this is understandable after such a terrible event, but to me surely the best way to show people that you will not be beaten and dictated to, is to come together and show support for what you feel is right, that is Community Spirit, let’s not underestimate the positive nature of this spirit, and use its strength, together we can achieve much more.

Get involved and join our revolution to restart the community spirit that made youth clubs from old sheds, goal posts out of jumpers and block parties from word of mouth, let’s come together in
This is Thetford
We are Thetford,
Thetford 93.

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