David Osborne Memorial Garden

Peace Comes To Thetford Project has been focusing on the men who survived the First World War, but later died as a result of their wounds or survived but with life changing circumstances. These men were never commemorated so sadly remain unrecognised.

The project is due to finish at the end of 2020 and took on a whole new meaning last year when one of the key people involved, local historian David Osborne passed away. David was passionate about the forgotten soldiers and one of the legacies from the project was always going to be a double sided information board placed in Thetford cemetery telling their story.

We are now planning to create a memorial garden in memory of the First World War soldiers and David. Whilst the original funding is being adapted to allow for a memorial bench, the team are now looking for donations to help fund a suitable paved area and planting. David’s widow Joy Osborne is actively involved in the project and already planning the types of plants she would like to see included.

Can you help this project create a beautiful legacy to David Osborne and all that he did for our town? Please donate what you can.

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